Show Your City Pride With Native Maps Wall Decor

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to choosing art for my walls. One second I want something colorful and the next I want everything black & white. That's all well and good when you have tons of money to spend on decorating, but when you don't it's a pretty bad habit to have. I can really only think of a few pieces that I continuously love for wall decor, and the two that come to mind most are framed maps & blueprints. I just love how easy they are to incorporate into a lot of different decorating styles, while still being very unique. 

Yesterday while checking out the West Elm Local Grant finalists, I stumbled onto a company that I've never head of before, Native Maps. They make the most amazing city maps that are research driven ensuring that no neighborhood is left behind. Right now they only have six city maps, but hopefully with the help of the West Elms Grant they will be able to add more cities to their collection soon. You know I'm hoping for a Philadelphia one! 

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