The States Series Moving Announcements | The Paper Cub

Have any of you recently moved? You know that I did, so I've been frantically searching for a fun way to announce my new address to those closest to me. I could obviously send out a quick email, but lets be honest that doesn't sound like much fun! Moves are exciting, and I firmly believe that they should be celebrated! Since all of our loved ones are currently spread out across the country, I've settled for celebrating our move by sending out fun moving announcements! 

The screenprinted State postcards from The Paper Cub are the perfect way to announce your new address, while sending those you love a sweet little note. With the holidays right around the corner, your family & friends are going to need your new address to send you holiday cards anyways! I mean come on, you don't want to miss any of those matching sweater pictures now do you?!

I love these postcards because they can easily be filed into any address book, ensuring that your loved ones don't have to spend their time searching through texts & emails for your address. I've personally experienced that annoyance that comes with search through months of texts, so I'm happy to help my friends avoid that same pain in the butt! Have any of you sent out clever moving announcements before? I'd love to hear about some of you're creative ways. 

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