Mother's Day Brunch

Whether you're celebrating your first Mother's Day as a new mommy or heading off for the weekend to celebrate your mom, there is nothing quite like a traditional brunch to start the holiday off on the right foot. I know hosting a brunch can often seem overwhelming, especially when you are cooking a lot of time sensitive goodies, but it doesn't have to be. This year, I'm opting for a more laid back brunch filled with a homemade parfait bar, lavender lemon muffins, and mini rosemary & caramelized shallot quiches. Top all that off with some delicious sunrise mimosas and you've got yourself one heck of a Mother's Day. 

Start with the parfait bar by assembling all your ingredients. While making homemade granola may seem like quite the undertaking, it always impresses guests and is actually much more affordable than buying the good stuff in bulk. My default is this pumpkin pecan cherry granola recipe from Cassandra Monroe, and I will just remove the pumpkin seeds during the warmer months. The best part about it is that you can make it days in advance and serve it is large weck jars to keep the presentation and storage simple. When assembling the parfait bar, be sure to put out pretty bowls with plain & vanilla yogurt that are chilled over ice to keep the yogurt nice and fresh for guest. Next line up all your favorite topping from fresh berries & bananas, to raspberry syrup for drizzle on top. To make things extra pretty, I love to have old fashion, glass ice cream bowls available for people to build theirs in and really see their lovely creation. Next, make sure that you prepare (or buy, nobody is judging) a batch of your favorite muffins and always throw in a heartier component like these rosemary caramelized shallot mini quiches.

On holidays like Mother's Day it's important to remember to make things a little extra special. Moms are the first to say don't make a fuss but after all the years of fussing they made for us, you better be sure to do it up right for them! What do you guys do for Mother's Day? Anything special on your horizon?  

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