Matte Black Sandals


I'd say a solid sixty percent of my wardrobe is black. For a girl who loves fashion & beauty so much, I am extremely lazy when it comes down to it. The ease of mixing & matching with black is just too good. Matte black in particular is my favorite. I love that it can easily transition from casual to dressy, which is something I always look for when investing in new items for my wardrobe.

For the summer months, I love to invest in a new pair of sandals that will be my "workhorse". This pair of shoes needs to be durable and multifunctional, working with as many outfits as possible. This season, I am dying to buy these simple, yet elegant Saint & Libertine flats. What do you guys think about matte black? Is it to harsh for the summer months, or do you love it as much as I do? I can't get enough of it, so get ready to see a few of my other favorite matte black items popping up around here. 

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