Maker - The Stories & People Behind Products

At a time when it seems like consumerism is at an all time high, I've decided to take an active effort to buy less and instead purchase quality pieces that will become a permeant fixture in my life. The transition hasn't been easy, but it was necessary. For years, I was consumed by the need to buy more even though rush of excitement that came with a new purchase seemed to be subsiding quicker & quicker. I realized it was a very shallow way to live, and I decided to put an end to it.

So, during my most recent move, I made a change. I decluttered my life, donated a lot of items, and made a promise to myself to buy less and purchase more intentionally. Part of my process of buying intentionally is to fully appreciate the product before purchasing it. Often, this entails me digging a little deeper into the story behind the beautiful crafted item that's striking my fancy. Recently, while looking into a potential purchase, I stumbled onto a Makers, a website that uncovers the stories & people behind products. Needless to say it has quickly become one of my favorite reads. You'll find profiles on longstanding companies like Kitchen Aid, as well as profiles on newer companies like Soma. They'll give you a look at what went into making these items and the thought & people behind them. 

Maker came in especially handy for me recently while I was looking into a product I've been debating purchasing. For a while now, I've been toying with the idea of abandoning my Brita filter for something a bit more pleasing to the eye. The object of my affection is the stunning Soma filter. It seems like it's been on my purchasing radar for months. I've been on the fence for a while, but after reading the story behind Soma on Maker, I can finally say that I am making an intentional and sound decision to bring this product into my home. It's sustainable, long lasting, and quite beautiful. All these of these things combined make it a very worthy purchase in my mind. 

How do you guys feel about knowing the story behind the products you buy? Is it something that is important to you? 

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