Wine Tasting From The Comfort Of Your Home | Lot 18 Tasting Room

With today being a blah hump day, I figured when better to share a fun wine related post. We all love a good wine tasting every once in a while, but in all honestly who has the time? I feel like whenever I'm really itching to go do a wine tasting I always have some other engagement to attend. Recently while scanning through Instagram, I saw on Note To Self's amazing Instagram feed what looked like an at home wine tasting. With a little bit of research, I found out that she was in fact doing a wine tasting of sorts through Lot 18 Tasting Room. 

Lot 18 Tasting Room is a really amazing concept that combines tasting wines to identify your wine palette with buying great bottles at an affordable price point. The starting fee is $10 and you will receive your own personal at home wine tasting kit. Your kit will include six different mini bottles to test out. From there you get to rate the wines on your own personal wine profile to be kept on file for future orders. If you choose to order wines through Lot 18, the selected bottles being shipped to you will take into account your preferences. 

Living in the city buying wine can get very pricy. I can't tell you how many times I've purchased a bottle for close to double what you would pay anywhere else. With Lot 18 you get not only get a unique experience, but an amazing value and connivence that can't be beat. If you aren't a big wine drinking but like the idea behind Lot 18 Tasting Room they offer three unique gift options. I think the beginners gift that offers the tasting kit and wine profile would be an amazing 21st birthday gift. Their other gift options would be an amazing idea for a wedding present for the couple who has everything.

 Have any of you used Lot 18 Tasting Room before? My friend has ordered a few cases from their parent company Lot 18 and I've been very impressed with the quality.  


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