It's been a hell of a week. The type of week that has left me wanting to climb into a cozy bed and not emerge until Monday. Since spring has officially arrived, minus the snow that is currently falling outside my window, I've decided it's time to transition my bedding for the warmer weather. For me this means packing away my heavier down blankets and replacing them with a light weight linen duvet and sheets. If you haven't experienced sleeping in a linen or if you've been hesitant to try it out, let me just tell you how much you're missing out. 

People often think that linen bedding is going to be scratchy or that the winkles will make it look bad. This is far from the case. The natural wrinkles that develop in linen bedding create a cozy and lived in feel that creates an inviting environment whether the bed is made or not. Linen is also incredibly comfortable and soft, only getting softer with additional washes. What makes linen amazing for the warmer weather months is that the material breaths while still keeping you comfortable. It's perfect for the type of person who can't sleep without some sort of covers but struggles with getting too warm at night. Do any of you sleep in linen bedding? 

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