Light & Airy Homewares // Golden Biscotti

As daylight starts to stick around longer and warmer weather arrives, I find myself looking to add a lighter, airier touch to my home. When it comes to decorating, I tend to have two distinct interior styles that I gravitate towards. The first includes darker wood with industrial accents. The type of space that feels warm with a slightly masculine touch. The second, and current style I'm obsessing over, is a space that is light and airy utilizing clean lines, a lighter color palette, and natural materials. While my current space is decorated in more of the first style, that doesn't mean I can't add a bit of that light & airy style to the existing space. 

Last night while searching through Etsy, I found a shop, Golden Biscotti, that made my heart skip a beat. The shop doesn't boast a vast amount of products, but the items that they do have are so impeccable that it doesn't even matter. From the most beautiful ceramic plates, to cutting boards that will make your inner entertainer for joy, this shop houses the type of products that perfectly fit the light & airy aesthetic I'm yearning for. Highest on my purchase list is this set of cutting boards with ceramic plate and brass wall hook. I know it's a bit of a mouth full, but it's incredible right? Imagine how amazing it would be for displaying cheese, meats, and accoutrements at your next gathering!  Have any of you already fallen in  love with Golden Biscotti? It's by far one of my new Etsy favorites. 

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