Travel Reflection

Travel Reflection


A few years ago I went on a cross cultural journey to some of the richest and poorest countries in the world. Going on this trip opened me up to a person I never knew was inside me. It is four years ago today that I completed my trip and I still remember it so vividly. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite photos and stories from Ghana, Dubai, Nepal, and Thailand. The people I met were life changing. Their stories, kindness, and insight will forever enlighten me. I truly believe that travel changes a person. It can awaken your senses and show you how to fully appreciate life. My journey helped me grow as a young woman emotionally, educationally, and ascetically.

Being a very visually stimulated person I could not have chosen a more stunning trip. Within a little over a month I experienced the beauty of the African Coast, a canopy walk in a Ghana rain forest, the dunes of Dubai, the Himalayan Mountains, and the vast Buddha's in Thailand to name a few. The extent that this trip affected me is beyond words. I can't wait to share my stories of remarkable individuals I met, the beauty I was exposed to, and a few of my stunning photographs over the next few weeks. 

Have any of you had a life changing travel experience? I'd love to hear about some amazing places I should visit. 


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