Valentine's Day Vases

Valentines Day Vases

It is no secret that I love beautiful things. Now mix a beautiful vase with flowers and I am a very happy girl. I have aways used a very traditional glass vase to hold my flowers, but I am thinking of switching it up this year. Above is a collection of some of my most coveted vase options. 

This birch vase is a definite departure from my typical vase, but I kind of love it. It is the type of vase that can be used year round and really change with the seasons. For Valentine's Day this would look incredible with some light pink veronica flowers. 

I love Jonathan Adler. If you ever get the chance take a moment to wander aimlessly around one of his stores. It is incredible and so whimsical. Jonathan Adler is known for his ceramics which makes this thorn vase even more special. With a need for sunshine in my life right now I would love to fill this up with some bright, happy yellow flowers! 

Hello, beautiful! This stone & glass pink vase is so light and girly. I don't tend to gravitate toward this type of piece, but for some reason I love it! Can't you picture this filled with some delicate blush tulips? It would look so sweet and loving, which is right up my ally come Valentine's Day. 

A copper vintage vase is far from traditional, but it is so cool. I have started to replace some of my gold obsession with copper so this may be next on my list of purchases. I would love to plant something in this to make it a permanent fixture in my home. 

I think that color blocking is so chic and this color blocked white ceramic vase does it perfectly. I love anything that incorporates matte gray or black. This vase would look amazing filled with some white anemone (which happen to be my favorite flower).  I recently bought a white ceramic wine chiller that I am not obsessed with yet. I may do a little hack with some chalk board paint and see if I can make something half as beautiful! 

Have any lovely flower vessels I must see? I can't wait to fill my home with flowers in a few weeks! 


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