Interiors For Less

Decorating a room can be intimidating. First you have to figure out the overall feel of the room. Then you spend hours trying to find all the right pieces. Once you do that you are left with the whole idea of a budget to manage. I get it, one of those things can be daunting let alone all three. My thoughts on interiors is that you spend a bit more for a few key pieces and work in affordable trendier items. This way you know that if your style evolves (as lets be honest is always does) you won't be stuck with a crazy chair you question why you ever purchased. In an effort to make decorating a little less overwhelming I like to create interiors for less. I find beautiful interiors and match them with affordable & easily obtained pieces of furniture. My first interiors for less features my ideal office designed by Nate Berkus. 

Nate Berkus is one of my favorite interior designers. From his interiors to products, everything he does is perfection in my mind. As much as I would love to recreate this design piece by piece its not exactly practical on my ikea budget. In an attempt to make this beautiful office space a bit more attainable I pulled together a few pieces that could give you a similar feel on a more realistic budget. All of the furniture that I included would work great to recreate this space while also being very reasonable investment pieces.

When I first moved into my apartment I purchased a very similar table to the one above from crate and barrel. The price tag was far from my ikea budget but I knew it was well worth it. Right now it works great as a desk/kitchen table in my tiny apartment and will be even better when I have a office to put it in down the road. To me that is a good practical purchase. What do you think about this space? Do you love it as much as I do?

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