The Ladylike Way To Repel Insects

Insect Repellant Perfume

With the summer sunshine comes insects. It's inevitable that the mosquito will rear their ugly head, but at least we can fight them off in style. I always hate being that girl who is overly spraying myself down with unattractive, gross smelling bug spray. I've decided this year to treat my mosquito attracting self to a bug spray that felt a bit more ladylike. Yes, you heard me right. There is a bug spray, or should I say perfume, that will make you feel classy & elegant when you are fighting off those pesky creatures. 

For this weekend's 4th of July inspired simple indulgence, I am allowing myself to say no to the budget friendly bug spray and am purchasing some lavish insect repellant perfume. This perfume is developed with botanical extracts that naturally repel insects. It combines the scents of citrus, warm cedarwood, and vanilla so you can smell beautiful while wearing something that has a purpose. I love to wear perfume, but I always avoid it in the summertime thinking it will draw more mosquito near. This is the perfect solution to my predicament. It allows me to smell delicious while repelling those summer creature I detest so much. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and stay mosquito bite free my friends!

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