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Imagine this: it's seven pm and you are just walking in the door. Everybody is starved and you need to get dinner on the table quick. As you look in your refrigerator you realize all you have is a random hodgepodge of ingredients that are less than appealing. We've all be there before. That can of mushroom soup is staring you down and your options are limited. Figuring out what to do with these ingredients use to be a pain but thanks to Recipe Puppy figuring out whats for dinner just got easier.  

Recipe Puppy is a ingredient based search engine. You simple type in the ingredients you have on hand and the ingredient based search engine will generate a list of recipes that include those ingredients. It's a great tool for those nights when your fridge is nearly empty and you don't want to head to the grocery store. It's also great to help you explore ways of bringing seemingly unrelated ingredients together in a delicious meal. 

Last night I decided to test out the site to see what it would suggest to make with hamburger patties, eggplant, zucchini, and garlic.  I didn't want a burger, but I also wasn't in the mood to go to the grocery store. Once I typed in my ingredients I was presented with pages of recipes that included my ingredients and a few pantry staples. I decided on a delicious eggplant zucchini bolognese that had rave reviews. It really made the process of deciding what's for dinner incredibly easy. I highly suggest you check it out next time you are staring into your refrigerator wondering what the heck to make. Have any of you tried out recipe puppy before? I'd love to hear what crazy ingredients you made into a delicious meal. 

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