Indoor Herb Garden For City Living

indoor herb garden

It's no secret that city living isn't really my thing. While the restaurants and endless options of things to do are incredible, I prefer the more laid back and slower pace that comes with the suburbs. While the city might not be my forever home, it looks like it is definitely going to be home for the next few years. With that finally drilled into my head, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and bring a little bit of the suburbs into my life by planting an indoor herb garden. To start, I purchased this pretty herb planter from Crate & Barrel. While I'd prefer for it to have drainage hole, the style was too nice to pass up. To make it work for now I added a base level of pebbles & active charcoal. Down the line I hope to drill holes in the bottom and add a drainage plate, but for now my solution seems to be working just fine. From there, I selected three herbs that are regularly used in my kitchen; rosemary, thyme, and sage. Lastly, I replanted my potted herbs and placed them in a sunny spot near our windows. While it might be an extremely tiny sliver of suburban life, O have to say that it has done an incredible job at adding a little farm to table living to our space. Not to mention that it's allowed me to work on my newly developed green thumb. 

Do any of you grow any kitchen herbs in your city dwellings? I'd love to hear some of your tips and tricks! 

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