How Wearable Tech Just Got Fashionable // Ringly

Wearable tech isn't something you usually think about as being fashionable. For a while there wearable tech was really cool, but not exactly something I wanted to strut my stuff in. That recently changed when Ringly came onto the scene. Ringly is an amazing company combining fashion and tech in an unexpected way.

In short Ringly will notify you by lighting up or inconspicuous vibrating when you have a new notification on your phone. You can program it to let you know about certain notifications like phone calls from your VIPs or if there is an update from your favorite social media sites. Have a meeting in 15 minutes that you can't be late for? No problem, you can just program Ringly to give you a heads up few minutes before hand so you don't loose track of time and miss it. While all of these things are cool & super helpful, my favorite feature is that it will notify you if you move too far away from your phone! I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten my phone someplace so this is perfect. 

Okay enough geeking out over tech, it's time for the fun stuff... the fashion! Each ring is made out of 18 carat matte gold plating (swoon) with precious & semi precious stones! I am pretty much obsessed with the beautiful black onyx ring! The design is fantastic and something I would absoultely want to purchase even without the tech component. Now before you get too excited the rings are pricy, but if you preorder now you'll get it at a reduced rate! I don't know about you guys but I'm fully ready to ditch my impolite habit of over checking my phone every other second for one of these darling tech friendly rings. What do you guys think of Ringly? Is this wearable tech fashionable enough for you?  

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