How To Properly Celebrate A Holiday Birthday

How To Celebrate A Holiday Birthday

During the month of December the holidays pretty much dominate everything. That's perfect for Christmas loving people like myself but it's not so perfect for those individuals whose birthday fall within this very festive month! In my little circle of friends & family, I have a number of important people whose birthday fall within a week of Christmas! It's pretty ridiculous but through the years I've discovered a few tricks to making holiday birthdays as special they deserve to be! Here are a few of my go to tips for making the birthday girl or boy feel special during their holiday birthday. 

Step One: Do not wrap their gifts in anything holiday related. It may be cheesy but getting actual birthday wrapping paper & a birthday card can make a huge difference. 

Step Two: Do not put their gifts under the christmas tree. This just makes it seem like they are getting one less holiday gift rather then something special for their big day. 

Step Three: Avoid combination gifts & seasonal gifts. If you must gift another pair of holiday mittens please don't gift them for their birthday! 

Step Four: Do have a birthday celebration even though "it's such a busy time of year". This means preparing months in advance to ensure that your guest has proper notice with everything else they have going on. 

Step Five: The celebration should not include anything festive. It should be filled with your typical birthday treats. Think of a theme that avoids all red & green at all cost. I know it's tempting to pull out some holiday dessert recipes but resist the temptation and go with one of their classic favorites instead. If you're looking for a new favorite, you need to consider the delicious chocolate stout cupcakes seen above. They are as tasty as they look! 

Step Six: Make a day of it. Treat this birthday just like you would treat any other. No holiday shopping, holiday baking, or last minute tasks. Give the birthday boy or girl your undivided attention regardless of your long holiday to do list. 

Image: Cassandra Monroe 

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