How To Achieve The Perfect Dewy Complextion

Dewy Makeup Look

Just because summer is almost over doesn't mean you have to give up that gorgeous dewy look you have going. For years I've been working on perfecting my dewy makeup kit, and I've finally got it nailed down. When choosing products to help you achieve a fresh & dewy complexion, you need to keep three things in mind. First, always avoid powder based products. These are the opposite of your friend when it comes to looking dewy. Instead always opt for cream based products and foundations with a satin or luminous finish.  Second, avoid a heavy foundation and apply it lightly. If you are worried about slight imperfections you can always go in and touch them up with a heavier concealer later. Just make sure to apply your concealer carefully, only to the specific problem areas. Use a concealer that is a perfect match for your tone & undertones to ensure you don't have to overuse the product. Lastly, remember that moisturizer is your best friend. Always use a primer. I know they may seem pricy and unnessacary, but if you buy a good one that has added skincare benefits you won't regret the price. To keep your flawless face looking fresh and dewy hroughout the day try and use a face mist like this Beauty Elixir by Caudalie. It won't mess up your makeup, but it will give your skin a refreshed look while keeping it hydrated. 

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