How To Decorate A Temporary Space

Since leaving for college I haven’t lived in the same place for longer then two years. Knowing that I probably won’t be settling down into my dream home anytime soon, I’ve had to learn how to turn a temporary space into a home without spending a ton of money. When decorating your temporary home you don't want to spend a lot of money on furniture that may only work in your current space. Yet, with so much beautiful furniture out there it can be difficult not to spend on something that would look incredible in your temporary place. The important thing you need to remember is that while a vintage mirrored vanity may look incredible in your current place who knows if you’ll still love the style in your future home. Try to find pieces like this through cheaper retailers. This way you won’t mind as much if they don’t have a place in your next living situation. A few of my favorite places to find these pieces are through Home Goods, One Kings Lane, Target, and Ikea. 

When buying pricier items look for a few key pieces that can work in a variety of spaces with multiple purposes.  When decorating my first apartment I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to really indulge in, and what would last for years to come. I opted to spend the bulk of my decorating budget on this beautiful glass top work table and this wood trunk. Both items serve a functional purpose in my current living space, while also having additional uses for future spaces. In particular, I love how this glass top table can work as dining table in my current space, but it can also easily transition into an office desk if needed in the future. The wood trunk is perfect for a smaller space. It currently holds my television and provides a little extra storage.  In the future it could easily work in a bedroom to store extra blankets & throw pillows, as a coffee table in my living room, or even as file storage in an office space. 

Here are the three key things to look for when investing in pricer furniture while living in a temporary space.  You need to look for durability, functionality, and ability to be a transition to various aesthetics. Durability is key when you know you’ll be moving this piece to a couple of different spaces. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something only for it to fall apart during the moving process. Functionality is equally as important to make sure the piece will have a purpose in future homes. Lastly, make sure the piece can be a bit of a chameleon. You don’t want to purchase items that are very particular to one design aesthetic when you’re unsure what your future space will be like. I currently love industrial pieces, but I don’t want to spend a lot on industrial furniture only to end up living in Victorian style home. I recommend adding these elements through your decor and color scheme instead of with your furniture. 

I hope you enjoyed these practical tips for decorating a temporary space. Do any of you have tips or stores you gravitate to when decorating a temporary space? I can’t say enough good things about Ikea and Target when looking for affordable and beautiful pieces for any home. 


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