Holiday Tradition No. 2 // Yearly Ornament

Like I've said before, the holidays are all about the traditions to me. We all have them, and they hold a very special place in our hearts. Some are life long traditions, like my holiday pajama gift from the elves, and others are relatively new in our lives. A few years back, my boyfriend and I decided it was time to start a tradition of our own. Like most young couples we didn't exactly have a ton of holiday decoration, and there was no way we were going to be able to go out and purchase all the ornaments and tree trimmings that we wanted. We decided that if we had to have our tree filled with sad plastic ornament that we could at least start to build a collection of ornaments that meant something over time. 

This was the beginning of my new favorite traditions where each year we set out to purchase one very special ornament for our tree. We go to my favorite Christmas store down in Cape May and we pick out together one ornament that somewhat symbolizes our year together. A few years ago this meant picking out a panda ornament because of the slight panda obsession I was going through. Another year we picked out an ornament fashioned after a delicious looking stack of pancakes because of my boyfriends year long foodie love affair with them. And lastly for this year we purchased a crab to remember our summer at the beach where we would eat fresh cooked crabs on the dock. 

Now we've only been at this for about five years now but I'm the type of person who loves the sentiment behind things. Since we started the tradition we have been able to replaced those sad plastic ornaments but we still cherish our special yearly ornaments the most. I like to make sure always get a prime spot on the christmas tree where they can get the most attention. 

Do any of you have special ornaments on your tree? I'd love to know the story behind a few of your favorites. 

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