Holiday Gifts For The Little Ones

Holiday gifts for kids

No. 1 Climbing Cubs Print // No. 2 Hand Knitted Toy Rabbit // No. 3 Teepee // No. 4 Toy Yo-Yo // No. 5 Tic Tac Toe Game // No. 6 Polka Dot Vest // No. 7 Hand Knit Socks // No. 8 Kids Baking Apron Set // No. 9 Campfire Set 

Buying and gifting around the holidays is always the most exciting when it's for little ones. The joy that oozes out of kids on Christmas day is pretty much the most wonderful thing about the day. When I think back to my childhood, I can't really remember too many of the gifts that I received but I do remember the hours on end that my imagination would run wild. I'd be off in another world while I was playing with them. Reminiscing about those times got me thinking that aside from all the mainstream gifts that kids get these days that it might be fun to add a few gifts that will help spark that amazing imagination a child has. 

Think back to how much you loved creating forts and a child. It was pretty much all I ever wanted to do. Instead of having to spend hours washing blankets and sheets after a good fort session, why not just purchase a fun teepee that could serve as a child's forever fort. While it might be a bit too cold outside to actually go out and have a weekend camping, with a child's imagination and a fun pretend campfire set that doesn't really matter. For this holiday season, I encourage everyone to find their inner child and allow themselves to dream again, even if it's just to imagine how much fun a special little boy or girl will have with your gift! 

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Holiday Tradition No. 2 // Yearly Ornament