Have Your Very Own Personal Chef... If Only For An Evening

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own personal chef? What kind of question even is that, of course you have! You'd be crazy not to want someone to cook you a delicious meal within the comforts of your home from time to time. Since we all can't be a Kardashian with a live in chef, we may just have to settle for one of the more realistic option out there. The only catch is that its only for one evening but lets be honest here, we'll take what we can get. 

The company I'm talking about is  Kitchensurfing and they help you can hire a private chef that will come to your home home and prepare you and your guests a feast worthy of a five star restaurant. It's the perfect option for an events that you feel they should be celebrated over a delicious meal without all the fuss of going to a fancy restaurant. For between $50 $100 per person, you and your guest will get to feast like you never thought possible. Call me crazy but the thought of eating a world class meal while wearing my coziest clothing sounds like the best kind of celebratory dinner possible.

Unfortunately for me, Kitchensurfing doesn't currently serve the Philadelphia area. Major downer for me but I'm still holding out hope that they expand their service to my area shortly. For the lucky few of you who are located in one of the 8 cities they are currently serving let me just say I'm very jealous! I'm looking at you D.C. & NYC,  always getting the cool things first! 

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