Give The Gift Of Time // Thin Watches For The Men In Your Life

I grew up in a very watch friendly household. Everyone knew that if you got Dad a watch as a gift you'd be on his good side for months. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't feel quite as strongly about watches as my father does. It's something about how they feel uncomfortable on his wrist or that they are too bulky. A bunch of nonsense I say, so I've been on a watch hunting mission to find something suitable for his very picky taste. It needs to be simple, yet refined and thin without being easily breakable. 

Knowing that this wasn't going to be his primary work watch, I quickly crossed the lovely Daniel Wellington watches off my list. I wanted something that wasn't a leather band but was also a bit more dressy than the other strap options they offered. Finally after almost giving up, I stumbled upon Rossling & Co while looking around Kickstarters. Their watches are everything I was looking for and more with their classic styles that have a contemporary feel with the addition of the tweed bands. The watches have a just thin enough face where it won't feel too bulky and uncomfortable underneath the layers of clothing that winter requires. 

I was a bit hesitant at first since their only option at the moment for bands is tweed but with the launch of their next collection you'll be able to get leather straps to make the watch more versatile. At under $200 a watch, I think this might just be the perfect starter watch for almost any man. It's classic, a little bit unique, and has the ability to work with a variety of looks. Now I just need to decide if I prefer the one with the white or blue hands. I'm leaning towards blue but I think my guy would prefer something a bit more neutral. 

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