Get Wine Bottle Reviews With The Snap Of A Picture | Vivino

If you're anything like me, you've been overwhelmed a time or two at your local wine store. I usually end up purchasing whichever bottle has the loveliest branding or the bottle with the highest wine spectator to price ratio. It's definitely not the most reliable way to make my purchases as I've ended up with my fair share of crap bottles quite a few times.

After finally getting fed up with buying bad wines, I started doing quick google searches when on the fence. It gets the job done, but it takes way longer than necessary. Figuring there is an app for just about everything, I set out to find one that would expedite this little process. Well that app is called Vivino, and it's pretty incredible. Simply take a picture of the bottles label and up will pop reviews & pricing information. So next time the weekend rolls around and you're hardest decision is which bottle to purchase, I highly recommend giving this a download before you get your shopping on. 


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