How To Create A Gallery Wall For Under $50

etsy gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall can be intimidation. For years, I thought the only way I'd be able to accomplish creating one was to patiently acquire beautiful pieces of art over the span of the next ten years. Then, and only then, would I have enough pieces to pull together a stunning and cohesive gallery wall. Since time and patience aren't always on my side, I decided that this long-term buying goal wasn't going to work for me. Instead of giving up my gallery wall dreams and opting for one very large piece of art, I decided to set a budget of around $50 and see what I could do with it. 

It wasn't easy, but after about an hour searching through Etsy I think I finally found a way to create a breathtaking gallery wall that doesn't require a huge budge or years spent curating the perfect collection of prints. To start, I decided to think outside the box. This involved adding some post cards, stationary, and wall paper to my gallery wall. It's not typical, but when you are just starting a collection, adding in cards of all sorts can be a remarkably cost friendly alternative to normal prints. Take this set of five post cards from My Kind Of Landscape for example. For under eight dollars you get five prints to add to your gallery wall while barely tapping into your budget. If in need of a few larger pieces that won't cost a ton of money, add framed wrapping paper into the mix. It sounds a bit unconventional, but when you think about it you are essentially just adding in an affordable patterned print. Lastly, round out your gallery wall with some more affordable typography prints and you're off to a pretty solid start to creating your new gallery wall. 

So while I hope to continue to cultivate a beautiful collection of prints for my ever growing gallery wall, I don't feel quite so rushed now that I know I can create something remarkable, unique, and budget friendly without the ten year wait. 

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