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It's finally the weekend! This week has seriously felt like a lifetime for some reason. I am so ready to pull out my warm weather cloths, open up the windows, and get my apartment looking so fresh & so clean. When decorating I tend to gravitate towards simple clean lines with rustic accents. I think it creates a really beautiful base to build on with color, texture, and art depending on your current mood. One of my favorite things in my current bedroom design is this beautiful reclaimed wood tray from Terrain. I use it for everything from breakfast in bed on a sunday morning to holding all my socks until I get around to matching them. On top of that it also really dresses up my bedding and makes a great place to put my throw pillows at the end of the day (I absolutely hate putting throw pillows on the ground). Asides from my obsession with my reclaimed wood tray I am dying to invest in some new crisp white bedding. It really makes a room feel light & airy which I love. I have so many throws that I would have no problem switching up the look if it ever felt stale. My only hesitation is my bad habit of spilling things, throwing my makeup on the bed, and my all around clumsiness. I have a fear I would ruin the beautiful white within minutes! Come to think of it I guess my tray could hold my makeup too! 

On a side note happy St. Patty's Day weekend! I normally wouldn't do anything since I don't really love St. Patty's Day but it is my boyfriends absolute favorite holiday. He loves all things Irish. Food, literature, movies, you name it and he loves it. Since he always puts up with the mass amount of holiday decor I insist on having I figured I could repay him by making his favorite holiday special. This weekend we will be watching his favorite movie, eating some Irish inspired meals, and drinking Irish brews. If you are looking to try out some recipes this weekend I recommend corn beef & cabbage, sunday morning corn beef hash, and irish potato candies for dessert. When I think about all those fun things I guess I can see the beauty in St. Patty's Day. 

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! Does anybody have anything exciting planned? 

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