For Love Of Rose Gold

For years now, I've exclusively been wearing yellow gold. It's partially because it looks best with my skin tone, but also because when I started wearing it nobody wanted anything to do with. This was back when white gold was all the rage and yellow gold reminded you of something your great aunt wore. Thankfully, those days are behind us. People no longer turned up their nose to yellow gold, and it's starting to become much more of a thing. 

With yellow gold making it's come back, I've decided start switching up my precious metals a bit more. In an effort to break off my exclusive relationship with yellow gold, I've made the move towards rose gold. It's slightly feminine, looks great with my skin tone, and it mixes & matches well with other metals. Kind of a win win don't you think? When mixing yellow & rose golds, I tend to prefer jewelry that is very delicate as to not overwhelm my outfit. These VRAI & ORO earrings are my current favorite for mixing and matching my metals and can almost always be found adorning my ears. When I'm not mixing metals, I love to edge things up a bit with a bold statement ring like this beauty from iPreciousgr

How do you guys feel about rose gold? I know a lot of people who think it looks too much like a well polished penny, but I couldn't love it more. 

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