Floor Plans Made Easy | RoomScan

When moving into our new apartment, I was having the hardest time visualizing how we were going to fit all of our furniture into what I thought was a tiny space. I tried to hand draw a floor plan but that just ended badly. Finally I started to make a real floor plan to ease my decorating obsessed mind but it took way longer than I anticipated. The other day while searching through some design apps, I stumbled onto RoomScan which is an extremely easy to use app that will help you generate floor plans.  

I tested it out on my apartment and I must say that I was impressed. The first time around I flubbed it up but that was because I was being impatient and ignored the directions. If you actually read the directions you will have no problem figuring it. The app isn't completely accurate but the measurements come within the nearest half foot with the option of manually editing the wall size if you need precision. 

I used the free RoomScan app which worked great for my basic needs, but there is also a RoomScan pro which will cost you $4.99. I'd recommend this if you are looking to create more in-depth floor plans that  incorporate doors and combine rooms. Have any of your tried out RoomScan before? 

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