Fall Campfire Fun With Best Made

No. 1 Dart Set || No. 2 Deck Of Cards || No. 3 Maple Syrup || No. 4 Enamel Bowls || No. 5 Magnifying Stand || No. 6 First Aid Kit || No. 7 Enamel Cups || No. 8 Water Bucket || No. 9 Camp Blanket || No. 10 Ditty Bag

So if I'm being perfectly honest with you guys, I'm not exactly the biggest outdoors girl. I can definitely hold my own on a kayak, and I've been known to make a mean fire but that is pretty much the extent of my outdoors activities. That being said, I am a huge fan of a fall gathering that surrounds a campfire. There is pretty much nothing that can beat a hotdog cooked over open fire in my book. Okay maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. To celebrate the weather starting to get much colder I've been dreaming up an escape from the city that involves a bonfire social with my nearest & dearest.

When I think of stylish outdoor goods one of the first companies that pops into mind in the Best Made Company. They have an array of products that are not only incredibly appealing to the eye but also serve practical purposes. I'm really thinking that the camp blanket and the stylish first aid kit need to have a permanent place in my home. I'm pretty much a walking accident so I really shouldn't ever leave home without a first aid kit anyways!

Now that I have the decor & feel of the social figured out I just need to convince everyone how great of an idea it is. I'm thinking an evening filled with mulled wine, fire roasted hotdogs, and some campfire games sounds like the perfect welcome for the chilled weather.  What do you guys think? Does an evening like this scream fall fun to you or are you more an indoor girl once the weather drops passed 40 degrees? 

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