Etsy Tastemakers To Watch

If you've been reading MINCK | CO. for awhile now you've probably realized how much I adore EtsyI could easily spending hours discovering new stores & products without blinking an eye. I live for the hunt, but I know not everyone shares my excitement for it. Most people I know enjoy discovering new shops, but they find the process of searching through it all to be overwhelming. I totally get it. The amount of shops on Etsy alone is incredibly intimidating, let alone the fact that it can take hours to find that diamond in the rough you're searching for.

Whenever my friends & family ask how to get started on Etsy, I always give them the same key pieces of advice. I first suggest narrowing down your search terms as much as possible. This way you can be as specific as possible and weed out a lot of undesired products. My second piece of advice is to look at the trending and tastemakers sections. They are a great jumping off point when you aren't in the market for anything in particular. For more information on how to get started, I can't recommend enough checking out this more in-depth article over on The Everygirl

Personally, my favorite way to discover products is through the tastemaker section. If you're not familiar, this section of Etsy works with a variety of blogs & businesses that curate shopping pages that align with their brand. Etsy breaks this section down into five categories: art&design, family, lifestyle, DIY, & wedding. There are plenty of amazing tastemaker to choose from, but below you'll find my seven favorite tastemakers to get you started. 

 iGNANT | Flodeau | My Paradissi MINCK CO. | High Walls | Martha Stewart Weddings | STANDARD ISSUE 

a few of my favorite things...

For Love Of Rose Gold

Take A Seat