Hostess In A Box | Esselle

Being an amazing host doesn't always come easy. Sometimes it's hard enough to make sure you don't burn the meal let alone set an incredible table. When hosting a gathering, I usually choose to do one thing "from scratch" and then use clever short cuts for everything else. Since I love to cook that usually ends up being the area I devote most of my time to. This ensures my guests always leave with satisfied bellies, but it doesn't always leave much time for planning the perfect table setting. 

For those times when cooking up a delicious dinner isn't enough, and you still want an eye catching table, I've got a little tip for you. Recently I discovered Esselle, a company that curates the most darling table setting kits that are conveniently shipped right to your home. They are pretty much a busy hosts dream come true. Each kit focuses on a different theme with options ranging from a romanic date night to a rustic gathering. All of the boxes are created with the intention of setting a stunning table, but the products also work great incorporated into your everyday decor. That's my favorite part because when you're spending money on party specific decor, it's always nice to be left with things that you'll use in your daily life.

The kit that I'm particularly fond of is the Cooper kit, which offers a very laid back rustic table setting. Each piece in the kit is perfect by itself, and would work great for a country style bunch. I can just imagine some farm fresh eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, and butter milk biscuits being passed around the table. After my pretend brunch was over, I definitely wouldn't mind using that gorgeous white & blue table runner just about every day. Now I just need to move into new apartment and get to hosting some fun dinner parties.

Have any of you used Esselle before? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience with them. I think their kits look like a lot of fun, and I especially love looking through their vintage shop for some extra pieces to round out the table settlings. One of my favorite finds is this vintage egg platter. It would be so perfect for displaying my truffle deviled eggs at my next holiday dinner! 

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