Elevate Your Man's Shave Kit With Harry's

This one is for all you ladies out there that share a bathroom with a man. Sometimes having their stuff out on display sucks because lets be honest, it's not quite as decor forward as ours. I hate when I have to see gross shaving creams sitting next to my pretty bathroom accessories and perfumes. It just doesn't feel right. I know it may sound crazy, but as girls we spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting primped, so why not may everything look beautiful. 

With a big move around the corner, I've been on a mission to find products for my man that combine beauty and quality, ensuring that his stuff never has to be hidden away every again. Thankfully I found Harry's, a mens shaving company that combines my love of beautiful products with his love of a great shave. Harry's offers a variety of packages, making it easy to see if it's the best product for you guy. They start with a general package for $15 and it includes a shaver handle, three blades, and a tube of shaving cream. If they end of loving it, you can purchase monthly subscriptions that are shipped right to your door in the frequency you request. 

I can't get passed the beautiful packaging and the affordable price point on these razors. I've never been envious of mens beauty products before, but now I'm hoping Harry's will come out with a female line! Have any of the men in your lives used Harry's before? I'm dying to know if the product is as good as all the buzz surrounding it! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to give you a glowing report from my fella, but until then I need some of you experts to fill me in! 

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