Easy Browser Photo Editor | Polarr

When your computer is on the fritz the last thing you want to do is try to edit photos in photoshop. The headaches that ensue are quite painful, and the frustration that it brings on is even more painful. The other day while trying to find a workaround to this problem, I discovered Polarr, an online photo editor unlike any I've tried before. While I've used a number of photo editing tools in my day, I've got to admit that this browser editor is on a whole other level. The tools are incredibly powerful while still being relatively easy to figure out as a first timer. A few of my favorites include tools  for adjusting color, exposure, contrast, highlights & shadows. A few others that are worth noting perform higher level skills to adjust curves, color channels, and distortions. 

Have any of you ever tried Polarr before? It's especially great if you need to quickly edit a photograph and don't have access to photoshop at the time. 


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