Easy Alternative To Wallpaper

Do you love the look of wallpaper? If you yearn for a more ornate wall space, but you aren't in the position to wallpaper your home at the moment I've got a quick fix for you. While there are some awesome reusable wallpapers out there, they can get really pricy. Instead of spending a ton on reusable wallpaper consider buying a patterned paint roller. They come in a bit more expensive than your typical paint roller, but given the possibilities and ease of change they provide, I think they are definitely worth the 30-50 dollar investment. Knowing that I'll be living in a rented apartment for the foreseeable future, I love the idea of using one of these paint rollers to give life to my space.

A few of my favorite patterned paint rollers out there are from The Painted House. How sweet is the one below. I think it would be lovely for a nursery painted in soft pastels.  For my own space I would love to use something like the orange/red one above. I love that it isn't overwhelmingly girly, but it really adds a lot of interest. The best part is that as soon as you are sick of it you can easily change it without much buyers remorse! 

What do you guys think of using a patterned paint roller instead of wallpaper? While the patterns they have available aren't as vast as the selection available with wallpaper, The Painted House does have some great options. I'd love to hear if any of you have tried out this process before! 

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