Celebrate Earth Day In Style

Happy Earth Day! In an effort to make going green a bit more appealing, I am compiling a few of my favorites ways to be environmentally friendly & reduce your carbon footprint. Start today, and everyday for that matter, by filling up a reusable glass bottle with your own filtered water. It's an easy & chic way to replace all those plastic water bottles, while still staying hydrated. Another wonderful thing you can do is remember to use a reusable market tote and buy locally next time you head to the market. Since all of us can't get out and plant a tree on this earth day, Consider a simpler endeavor of planting your own herbs. Terrain, my favorite garden store, has some really beautiful planters & seed collections that would look beautiful in any kitchen.

With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing, it's time to throw open your windows and let the gentle breeze cool down your home. Beyond cooling down your home, the beautiful spring weather is perfect for air drying your laundry. It's time to give your dryer a break, and let the great out doors dry your linens for you. Remember before you put away your laundry to give it a spritz of environmentally friendly linen spray. It smells so great, I bet you'll never miss another dryer sheet. Lastly, before heading to the mall for some new spring cloths, consider initiating a closet exchange with all your fashionable friends. It is a great way reuse & recycle old cloths. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips for a chic Earth Day. Let me know anything you are doing today and everyday to keep our world beautiful. 

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