Driftwood Docking Station | Docksmith

Since my birthday is tomorrow, I've decided to check out early and head to the shore! Nan from over on Simply Elegant Blog has be kind enough to step in and help me out with a birthday guest post! Today she is sharing one of her favorite tech companies, which just so happens to be very high on my birthday wish list! Hope you guys enjoy and make sure you have a slice of cake, or two, to help me celebrate my birthday tomorrow! 

Hello everyone! It's Nan here from Simply Elegant Blog. I was so honored when Ashley asked me to guest post for her birthday over here on Minck | Co.. I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite tech companies, Docksmith. Docksmith is based out of Maine, where they create unique driftwood docking stations for iPhones and tablets. I grew up in Maine and I've always loved the idea of bringing driftwood into your home. It's a great way to bring a truly natural look inside with a very subtle touch.

The team at Docksmith does a fabulous job collecting beautiful pieces of driftwood and setting up docking stations inside -- cords and all -- for your phone or tablet. In our home, we have a combination dock for two phones, which sits on our kitchen counter. It is the perfect place for anyone who comes through our home to give their phone a quick battery boost without the hassle of having to ask for a charger. I also love their tablet and phone combination dock for a pretty & practical desk accessory. I mean who wouldn't want to replace all those tangled cords with a beautiful, natural charging dock from Docksmith. I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! I'd love to hear which style from Docksmith you like most. Ashley is dreaming of the simple, single phone docking station in the middle. 

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