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Three cups of coffee down and I'm finally awake enough to write this. It's a little crazy how much I need my morning cup, but I'm sure many of you can relate. It's no secret around here that I'm a coffee enthusiast. I think I might write a post a month about coffee when I look back on it. This is all with good reason of course because coffee in my humble opinion makes the world go round. Kind of like love and laughter but in a more get shit done kind of way.  

When is comes to my morning coffee I don't mess around. I'll take the extra time to brew my coffee in a French Press or Chemex, and I'll fresh grind my beans every chance I get. Some find the process a bit much, but I find the morning ritual of making a perfect cup to be calming. It takes the edge off the morning stress and makes the weekday mornings feel a little more like a weekend. That is until running five minutes late for the train but that is a whole other story. 

Now when it comes to the perfect roast for my morning coffee I am the first to admit I'm all over the place. I'll try just about any roast once. We've all heard off various coffee clubs, but the one I'm sharing today takes thing once step further. Drift Away Coffee is a small batch coffee subscription that helps you discover your coffee profile, you know your likes and dislikes, all while exposing you to new coffee companies. Not sure if you are a bold or medium roast kinda girl? Well this subscription can help you figure that out with their tester kit that sends you four different roasts for you to discover your preference. From then on Drift Away will send you coffee that aligns with your taste. 

Pretty great right? At just $12.00 a month, I'd say it's a pretty reasonable subscription. Just be aware that you need to own an at home grinder because the beans come whole. 

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