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otto form fan

A few months back while we were searching for the perfect apartment, my boyfriend and I both came up with our must have list. On both of our lists was a need for central air. You see, we've been living with wall units for the past few years and the idea of finally having central air was pretty magical. Not gonna lie, the theme song from The Jeffersons, Moving On Up, came to mind on quite a few occasions. While his reasons for wanting central air were practical, mine were completely aesthetic based. My only true motivation for central air was to rid my life the eye sore that was our window unit.

To make a long story short, we managed to find a space that we loved with central air. It was everything we dreamed for and more except one small thing. We actually missed the noise from having a window unit. Apparently over the years we'd grown a little too accustomed to being lulled to sleep by white noise. Well that's not exactly true, I became dependent on it but I convinced myself that he did as well. Thats one of the perks of being a we, you can easily lump your other half into your crazy.

So over the passed few months I've been on a search for the perfect noise replacement to lull me to sleep. I've found quite a few options but none of them felt quite right until I stumbled onto this beautiful wooden drum style fan. It's swoon worthy. The high design of the fan fits into our apartments aesthetic perfectly and the gentle noise it provides is just enough to get me sleeping soundly. I also love that it not only serves a useful purpose but proves to be an amazing conversation piece. I mean come on, that is one hell of a beautiful fan is it not? Do any of you struggle with needing white noise to sleep? I'm sadly not kidding when I say I can't sleep without it! 

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