Design & Buy Custom Products With Makr App

I'm about to share with you guys my newest obsession, Makr. Makr is an app for your iOS devices that makes designing & buying products insanely simply. You may remember a few months back I shared Canva, a company that helps you create your own graphics, but Makr is a bit different. Makr not only allows you to create stunning graphics through your iPhone & iPad, but it also allows you to order products with your custom graphics directly through their app, completely eliminating the need for a middle man. Pretty awesome right?

With the iPhone app you can create t-shirts, tote bags, logos, and temporary tattoos. The iPad app has a lot more to offer with a ton of stationary options such as business cards, invitations, and labels just to name a few. Makr offers predesigned templates to get you started, but once you get the hang of things you'll realize that there are a ton of things you can create outside the templates. I'm currently looking for just about any reason to create some temporary tattoos. I think they would be a fun addition to a relaxed wedding, and they would be even more amazing to have at a launch party.

Another reason I'm pretty smitten with the app is that I now have the ability to make quick & visually appealing labels. With the holiday season only a few months away, you know I'm already thinking about some of the delicious homemade granola and speciality simple syrups I'll be gifting my loved ones. Now I'm even more excited because I can elevate these homemade gifts with some custom labels. Nothing says "I love you" like beautifully packaged homemade goods right?  

The options are endless guys, so get to downloading and let me know if you're as obsessed as I am. I'd love to hear about a few of the custom projects that you'd dream up with Makr. 


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