Denim On Denim

You know that whole trend of wearing denim on denim? Yeah, well I never quite got into it. I always love it when I see it, but I can never seem to pull it off myself. I think it's the clashing fabrics really close together that bugs me. In an attempt to finally find a way to make the trend fit into my style, I decided to take a step away from jeans/shorts paired with a chambray top and move into the dress direction. Taking a simple denim dress and pairing it with denim shoes makes this trend a little less overwhelming for me. While this look is still a bit outside my comfort zone, I just love how cool it feels. My favorite aspect is that you can take this denim on denim look from day to night by just swapping out the shoes. I mean come on, how gorgeous are those denim pumps, and with the price point on those denim wedges who wouldn't want to add them to their closet. I know they will be making a showing in mine very soon. 

How do you guys feel about denim on denim? Like it from a far, but can't quite seem to work it into your wardrobe? Is the denim dress still a stretch or could you totally see yourself rocking the look? 

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