Cricket's Circle

Cricket's Circle

As I get older it seems that all my conversations with friends turn to weddings and babies as easily as they once turned to shopping and gossip. It's kind of crazy, but there is something quite lovely about the excitement that fills their voices when they talk about their recent engagement or their sweet nieces and nephews. While I'm still years away from having children myself, it seems like lately I'm spending a lot of my time helping my loved ones figure out gifts for the expecting mommies and their little ones in their lives. Up until recently I had no clue how overwhelming the number of options and reviews that new mommies had to shift through. Not to mention the fact that it seems like a new must have product seems to pop on the market every other day!

I'm sure most of you feel similarly but when it comes to buying gifts and products for little ones I want to make sure whatever I'm purchasing is nothing less than the best. Luckily Rachel Blumenthal, founder of Cricket's Circle, recognized the need to streamline this process and started her company to accomplish just that. If you haven't heard of it before, Cricket's Circle is a lovely little company that is focused on helping new moms sift through the mass of products out there, making it that much easier to identify the items that are really worthy of your little bundle of joy. Each category they feature offers up just three products that are truly worthy of your consideration. From there they highlight the key features you should look for in the overall product, as well as focusing on the pros & cons associated with each item itself. 

So while I may be a very long time away from little ones, I know quite a few of you lovely readers are already in that phase of life. Next time you start to get overwhelmed or just need to make a quick decision, I highly recommend making your first stop over at Cricket's Circle. Not only are their products focused on helping you find the best, but their blog is filled with great articles for those with babies on the brain. 

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