Cotton Coffee Filters

Recently, I've been experimenting with a number of different coffee brewing techniques. It all started when I abandoned my Keurig and moved towards what I deemed a very adult drip coffee pot. After about a year of exclusivity with my drip pot, I decided to start testing the waters with a French Press and Chemex. Let me just tell you, making the change towards brewing French Press & Chemex coffee was almost as life changing as when I realized that there is way better chocolate than Hersey's out there. While exploring the many possibilities within the coffee brewing world, I stumbled onto a coffee accessories that I never even knew was an option, cotton coffee filters. I'd always assumed that you could buy reusable filters, but I guess I never really thought the concept through.

The idea of actually purchasing a cotton coffee filter didn't really register as a necessity until I found myself completely out of paper filters and the improper coffee grinds for my french press. Boil down that long winded sentence and I'm essentially telling you I had no way to make my morning cuppa. It was incredibly disappointing and made for an awful morning commute. That's when I decided it was time to look into actually ordering a set of cotton coffee filters to ensure that this little scenario never happened again. I'm probably going to buy mine from CoffeeSock and I might just throw in this cold brew set in preparation for the spring. 

Have any of you ever used a cotton or cloth coffee filter? I'd love to hear about your experience before ordering my set. 

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