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Since I am down at the shore for a few days, I thought it would be a great idea to share one of my favorite new products for bringing drinks with you on the go. I'm not a big fan of plastic water bottles, partially because of environmental reasons but also because I hate when half empty bottles are left around the house. To make sure that water is always easily accessible and ready to grab on the go, I like to always have a few bottles filled up and chilled in the fridge. Sometimes I'll throw in some fresh herbs or fruit to kick it up a notch, but often I'll just have regular old filtered water. 

When I'm planning on being around the house all day I'll fill up my Wecks juice jars, but when I'm on the run I need something a bit less delicate. A few weeks ago I came across Cotopaxi and I instantly fell for them. The design is great for a day filled with fun outdoor activities, but they are also great for just grabbing on the go. What really convinced me that Cotopaxi water bottles were for me is that they not only look great, but they do good for the world through their social mission. With the purchase of one water bottle, Cotopaxi is able to supply six months worth of clean water to a person in need. Right now the three countries that benefit from the Cotopaxi Water Bottles are Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia. How great is that?!

I  absolutely love when I can get a high quality product that looks great and gives back. If you are a big outdoors person you should definitely check out the other gear they have available. With the purchase of one of their awesome hiking backpacks children in need are given access to schooling and tutoring. Having spent some time in Nepal, I absolutely love that some of the money from this particular backpack goes towards giving a child three weeks of schooling at a primary school in Nepal. The children I met while in Nepal were some of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, so the social mission behind this backpack is close to my heart.

What do you guys think? I personally love the look of the water bottles, but the backpacks are also awesome if you are a big camper or hiker. The insulated feature in the bottles makes them perfect for bringing coffee on the go or keeping it chilled all day long. I can't wait until winter rolls around so I can use one of these bottles to house my hot cocoa while I am out looking at christmas lights! Yes, I did just reference Christmas in August and I am so not sorry.  Have a great day everyone! 

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