Sunglasses For The Cool Kidz On The Block

The sun is shining and the weather is as warm as can be. As everyone flocks to the first body of water they can get to, summertime gear is in high demand. While many of us will spend upwards of a $100 on our own sunglasses, I often wonder what parents do for their little ones. I'm sure not many of you mommy and daddies out there are willing to shell out that kind of money on sunglasses for your toddlers, but if you are you've got to check out Sons + Daughters Eyewear. Their line is inspirited by icons of the past, and was developed to create quality, fashion forward design for the icons of the future.  Pretty sweet right? I know I couldn't have been trusted with such sweet shades as a child, but heres to hoping my future offspring are half as cool as the little ones above. 

Images Via Sons + Daughters Eyewear

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