Christmas Traditions // NO. 1

Holiday Tradition

Barcelona Set // Cashmere Slippers 

Christmas is all about traditions. That's because traditions are the thing that keep those warm & fuzzy feelings related to the holidays coming back year after year. Especially after the excitement of Santa is no longer there. One of my favorite traditions that started in childhood is a Christmas Eve tradition. Growing up we celebrated Christmas Eve with a feast of the seven fishes. As a child it was pretty much the worst tradition that I could think of but the tradition that followed was pretty awesome! Every year after we'd get home from my uncles, I'd run upstairs to find a pretty little package delivered from the Elves. Inside this package would always be my "Christmas jammies" and a little note telling me to sleep tight from Santa's little helpers. 

To this day I still very much look forward to my Christmas Eve gift but now my taste in pajama's is a bit more elevated. This year I'm hoping that the elves, now known as my boyfriend, pick up the hint and get me one of the beautiful sets from Maison Du Soir. I'm pretty in love with their silk sets but I can't seem to decide if I want the Sophia set in red silk or the Ava silk set in pearl. They are both incredibly beautiful & luxurious, so lets be honest you can't go wrong with either option! Which one do you guys prefer?  

I'd love to know if any of you grew up with a similar Christmas Eve tradition. I know one or two of my friends did, and now we all look back on it so fondly. It's definitely a tradition that I'll continue when I have my own little ones someday. 

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