Canal House Cooking

Today I am sharing one of my favorite cookbook collections. I first stumbled across Canal House Cooking while shopping at Terrain. I was instantly drawn to the sleek look of the cookbooks. Before even looking at the recipes I was sold on purchasing a few as a chic filler for my new book case. Luckily for me the recipes inside the books are just as delectable as the books themselves. 

canal 3.png

Canal House Cooking puts out three seasonal volumes a year with new recipes and stories in each volume. Many of the recipes are accompanied with rich, mouth watering photography leaving you itching to get in your kitchen to try them out. The recipes are great to adapt to your own taste and preferences. The ingredients are attainable, and the recipes are clear and concise allowing a novice to make a tasty meal with ease.  They are available through many retailers including Amazon, Crate and Barrel, and The Canal House. Whether you are looking for a beautiful coffee table book or a new favorite cookbook be sure to check out Canal House Cooking. Share with me some of your favorite cookbooks and let me know if you've ever tried Canal House Cooking. 


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