Breaking Up Is Hard To Do... But It's Easier With Fun Treats

A few weeks ago one of my dear friend’s little sister went through a break up. To be more specific it was her first heart on the floor can’t see your life moving forward type of break up.  We’ve all been there in some way or another. It's always difficult but with the help of good friends & family we all get through it. Today I've come up with a little recipe for mending a broken heart. Ingredients: equal parts of listening, fun actives, and thoughtful gestures. Method: Combine, let simmer, and be attentive. It will take a while but the fruits of your labor will produce a happy and stronger friend in the end. 

1. Be careful giving advice and always listen: When listening to a friend it's important to tread lightly and try not to judge. Do your best not to interject your own feelings about the ex while your friend is crying about what a jerk they are. Just listen and remind your friend how wonderful they are. Often you see couples ping pong back and forth breaking up only to get back together. You never want to say “I hated that guy anyways” only for them to fix their problems and live happily ever after. That creates a whole lot of awkward and potentially keeps your friend from opening up to you in the future. The only advice I 100% always give to a friend is to take a day to wallow and then jump back out there. Say yes to every opportunity that is presented to you. Enjoy what life has to offer and before you know it your heart will be mended.

2. Help them stay active: While it seems easy to stay in and watch sad movies while shoveling ice cream & potato chips in your mouth there is a limit on that type of behavior. Once ample time has passed start planning activities to get stay active. We all love a good wine tasting but that can often lead to sad chats that don't get their mind off things. Opt for actives that keep your friend busy & distracted from the breakup. Think cooking class, rock climbing, and unplanned road trips. It’s great to remind yourself or your friend how exciting and spontaneous life can be.

3. Do a something thoughtful: After a bit of time has passed I like to do a thoughtful gesture for my friend. Remind them that they don't need a significant other for people to do kind things for them. I like to make simple gestures such as bringing them coffee when meeting up or adding a little sweet to their day with baked goods. If it is an especially difficult breakup or it's around the holidays I may buy them a small gift. One of my favorite gift ideas is this love bites gift box from Sugarfina. The candy itself is sweet and the message about that guy who broke her heart is a bit snarky.

Hopefully nobody has to use this recipe for mending a broken heart anytime soon but if you do I hope this helps. Do any of you have a go to tip for dealing with heartbreak? It can be tricky but worth it in the end. 

Rosemary Lavender Lemonade

Rosemary Lavender Lemonade

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