Bespoke Gifts By Simone LeBlanc

Gift giving is definitely a love language but for many of us we don't have the time to curate that perfect gift. Thankfully for all you busy people out there, Simone LeBlanc has a gifting studio that is ready pick up your slack. If you haven't heard, Simone LeBlanc is a incredible gifting studio that creates exceptionally beautiful ready to purchase gift boxes for an array of occasions. She also offers bespoke services designed to help the thoughtful but busy gift givers of the world create one of a kind gifts. Whether you're in the market for a gift that screams grand gesture or you're looking create a thoughtful & heartwarming heirloom, Simone LeBlanc can help you knock it out of the park. 

With wedding season picking up and being at the age where all my best friends are getting ready for marriage, babies, and buying houses, I have a feeling that I'll be finding a reason to test of these incredible services sooner than later. I mean that new mom & baby gift box is just too good to not purchase when I get the change. 

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