Become Your Own Sommelier With The WineGlass App

WineGlass App

If you're not a wine expert choosing a wine at dinner can be a daunting task. I for one never know if I am over spending or if I'm choosing something that will even taste good. I usually don't get further than picking between red or white before my head is spinning, and yes that is before I've even indulged in any wine. If you've found yourself in a similar scenario, I have good news for you. There is a new app called WineGlass that will help you become your very own sommelier.

WineGlass is a simple app, but don't underestimate this very powerful tool. Simply take a photograph of your wine menu and WineGlass will present you with information from a database with over 1 million reviews. The reviews will tell you information like what you should expect to pay, what it pairs well with, and what the wines tastes like. You will also be provided with a point score and star rating to give you quick idea of how popular the wine is. The app costs about $5.00, but considering it could save you from over paying I'd say it is very worth it! Have any of you tried WineGlass yet? I'd love to hear what you think of this app! 

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