Beautiful Vintage & Hand Printed Throw Pillows | Imprints & Indigo

Vintage & Hand Printed Throw Pillows

Are any of you ladies out there as obsessed with throw pillows as I am? They are possibly one of my favorite home decor things to shop for. When I am shopping for throw pillows I usually like to go with something that incorporates patterns, colors, or fun textures. It's pretty strange considering my penchant for all things neutral but sometimes you just have to add in a bit of fun & whimsy. I love accomplishing this with throw pillows because they are usually cheaper to change than art work and are way less time consuming and expensive as painting is. 

These beautiful pillows from Imprints & Indigo currently have my heart. They are made using reclaimed & vintage Hmong indigo batik and they couldn't be more beautiful! I'd love to add this one to our bed room. It's just neutral enough while still having a fun pop of color. What do you guys think? Could these work their way into your heart & decor too?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween! Is is just me of does it always seem to be so cold on Halloween? Brrr! 

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