Modern Papercut Cards | Evermore Paper Co.

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I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with stationary. When it comes to beautifully made paper products, I honestly can't help myself. I've been known to spend ridiculous amounts on cards, and I'll always find a way to justify an expensive planner or notebook. There is just something about writing on tastefully designed stationary that feels right. Maybe it's a simple indulgence of mine, but I share the wealth. If I know somebody appreciates a beautiful card, I'll the first one to buy them one. It's my thing. 

So as you can imagine, I fell head over feet in love when I discovered the stunningly beautiful cards by Evermore Paper Co.. Their products are cut out as their ordered by machine and are assembled by hand, all with loves of love of course. If you read last weeks post on designing a gallery wall on a budget, I'd recommend checking out this lovely shop to some alternatives to your traditional prints. Any combination of these geometric cards would be an amazing addition to a starter gallery wall. 

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